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Insurance Discounts

Insurance Discounts: How To Find Them and How To Get Them

Saving money is something we all want to do. While our pockets can feel the cost of living increasing, we hope to shed some light on some discounts that insurance companies make available to us as consumers. Whether it’s your auto or homeowner’s insurance there are multiple ways to save quite a bit of money. Let’s jump in and see what we can find.

Auto Insurance

Most auto insurance companies will offer many discounts from a few bucks a month to possibly hundreds over your policy term. One of the best discounts is the Multi Vehicle discount. Don’t let this confuse you as the premium for a two (or more) vehicle policy will be higher than a single vehicle policy, however, the premium per vehicle is less when bundled together versus each vehicle having their own separate policy. Another great discount is Auto Pay. If you can, signing up for automatic monthly payments with either your checking account or debit/credit card on file can help you save not only monthly but also on your down payment as well. Paying the policy in full can also offer a great amount of savings. Some other discounts offered by auto insurance companies are paperless, financial stability (good credit), good driver, good student, prior insurance, and homeowners.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance can come at a hefty price – especially living in South Florida where we are on the lookout for hurricanes six months every year. A great discount you can get is by making sure your windows and doors each have their own shutters or that you install impact windows and doors. You could save up to 30% with most homeowner’s companies with this one discount! Other discounts that could be available to you are roof upgrades, alarm systems, sprinklers, advanced purchase, and paid in full.

While we live in paradise here in South Florida, we do pay the price in more ways than one, but just because we get initial quotes doesn’t mean there aren’t ways or possibilities for us to save some money on our auto and home insurance. If you are in the market for a new auto or homeowners policy, or you are curious and want to shop around for a better premium, or if you simply would like your policies reviewed, please give us a call at Cover All Insurance Agency and we would be more than happy to help you get those discounts available to you, save you money, and put a smile on your face! Let us know how we can help: 954-981-4455. We look out for you!