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Leasing vs Buying a Car

Leasing vs Buying: Which Is Better for You?

Like any choice you come across in life, choosing to lease or buy a vehicle comes with its share of pros and cons to either option. Many factors can play a role in deciding which route is best for you, including monthly payment amounts, insurance requirements, mileage limits, depreciation value, etc. It’s not a decision…

Insurance Fraud in South Florida

Insurance Fraud in South Florida

Let’s face it: our insurance rates are extremely high here in South Florida. Whether it’s your auto insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, commercial business insurance etc., it can be super frustrating getting that bill in the mail or even worse your renewal notice showing that your rates have yet again been raised by your insurance…

Auto Insurance Coverage

Florida Auto Insurance: What Coverage Do I Really Need?

It’s usually said as a joke, but we all know the truth behind it: Florida has some wild drivers on its roads. With the thousands of drivers in Broward County alone it’s important to make sure you, your family, and your vehicle are covered properly in the event of an accident. But what exactly is…